Magnesium Spray

Magnesium Spray

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The magic of magnesium spray 

8-10 sprays are required in the same spot when you first start using the. spray. As your magnesium stores build, you will need less spray per use 

use on the following areas for the following ailments: 

  • chest: sleep, headaches & anxiety 
  • stomach: digestive issues & menstrual cramps 
  • bottom of feet: sleep 
  • shins: restless leg syndrome 
  • shoulders/neck: aches & pains
  • joints: aches & pains 

The first few uses you will most likely experience a slight itch, that is completely normal! this will reduce/disappear in time with continued use 

The spray leaves a slight salty residue, this can be washed off after 20 mins, once the spray has been absorbed into the skin using a mild soap 

DO NOT spray in face, as the salt solution will irritate your eyes